Ian Gilchrist Fourth Place K-3 Championship

Ian Gilchrist, Sean Vibbert, Tristan Kitch Third Place K-6 Blitz Team

Sean Vibbert First Place K-6 Blitz Tournament

Sean Vibbert First Place K-6 Championship

















Kevin Kevin Cao, Robert Perez, Kevin Bu, Sean Vibbert

K-6 National Youth Action Co-Champions

Kevin Cao, the only player to beat Sean once in Blitz and in the Championship tournament!

Final Round pairing with Gavin Mc Clanahan.  This game ended in Sean's favor with Gavin having 3 seconds left on his clock and Sean having 5 seconds left.  This was an exciting end game under time pressure.  Click here to replay the critical positional moves in that endgame.

The Tournament Playing Ballroom of the Millennium Hotel

in St. Louis hosted 476 players!

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